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The Resume Store is a Florida-based company specializing in resume writing services that knows how to tailor resumes for particular positions and grabs recruiters’ attention

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“Since I started The Resume Store, we’ve made great strides in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Our customers have an interview success rate of 85%, and our company earned the 2016 and 2018 “Best of Clearwater Awards” for our dedication to excellence.”

Arnie Sherr (Founder)

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Make Your Best Impression in The First 6 Seconds

The Resume Store offers resume writing services to help your document make a lasting impression on recruiters during their 6 – 10-second visual of your resume. However, before that happens, your new resume must survive the Applicant Tracking System which is programmed to recognize specific keywords. Our experts infuse your new resume with keywords to help it survive the Applicant Tracking System, which 70 to 80% of employers utilize. It is what helps our customers enjoy an 85% interview success rate.


Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services

We help you make a lasting impression on recruiters through your resume by infusing the document with relevant keywords & content.


LinkedIn Profiles

There are more than 15 million job postings on LinkedIn, so a great profile is integral to improving your professional opportunities.


The Resume Store's Proces


Our turnaround time is 3 to 5 days, 2 to 3 days until 1st draft and approximately 2 days for customer review. (This may vary according to the customer’s urgency)

In this phase of my career, after more than 25 years of crafting exceptional resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, I have cultivated a team of seasoned resume writers. I entrust them with projects sourced from clients acquired through my website. My role has evolved into that of a Project Manager. I conduct consultations, relay pertinent details to the team, and collaborate with clients on refinements and modifications following the initial and subsequent drafts.

If, during the consultation process, you have a current resume, I will ask you to email it to me, after which I will review it to see if items are missing that will be needed for your new resume. Items like:

  • Technology
  • Ongoing Education
  • Achievements and other items that your current resume may contain.

NOTE: Many resume companies promise turnaround times and fail to deliver as promised. By checking our Google reviews, you will see that we deliver as promised. CLICK HERE to view our Google Reviews.



Take a look at our resume writing services here.

Applicants applying for their first job need to highlight relevant experience concisely, and we have resume specialists for precisely that.

These resumes are specifically focused on professionals applying for specific types of jobs, such as those related to Medicine, Law Enforcement, Legal, Blue Collar positions like Auto Mechanics, HVAC, Management, etc.

A well-written, relevant, and compelling resume is a critical first step if you’re ready to climb the top of the corporate ladder. Thus, our team is experienced and skilled in writing resumes for (C Level Titles, Vice President/ President/Directors, etc.)

Our cover letters are organized and well-designed to make yours look great and function well.

We write your LinkedIn bio and incorporate various keywords to help your name come up in search results.


See Our Recent Work

We want to do more than tell you about our quality; let us show you some of our recent work, including our founder, Arnie Sherr‘s resume.

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Professional Resume Writing Services

The right resume can significantly increase your chances of getting hired. When your qualifications and experience are presented correctly, you’ll manage to impress prospective employers and bag a great offer!

At The Resume Store, we help increase your chances of securing your dream job. We offer professional resume and cover letter writing services to help you stand out among the competition.

Our executive resume writers have been working in the industry for several years. They understand exactly which components employers seek out. By including these elements and selecting the right design based on each applicant’s industry, we help present you in the best light possible.

Ready to take your career to the next level? Sign up for our resume writing services today! We serve clients in Largo and the neighboring communities.

“A great looking resume will never get you hired, but an average-looking resume can knock you out of an interview.”

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Our customers enjoy an 85% interview success rate




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Our customers enjoy an 85% interview success rate




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Our customers enjoy an 85% interview success rate



(Federal Resumes follow a distinct format and may be as many pages as necessary to give a detailed work history.)


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Our customers enjoy an 85% interview success rate




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Our customers enjoy an 85% interview success rate




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Our customers enjoy an 85% interview success rate

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The Get-A-Job Manual: Resumes, Cover Letters, and Job Seeker “Rules of the Road”

The Resume Store’s Methodology. One that supports our commitment to help those seeking new or better jobs receive higher numbers of interview invitations and to avoid the multitude of interview process pitfalls. Many inspirational writings to dispel interview misconceptions and to elevate applicants to higher levels of confidence. Arnie, as Vice President of Sales for an industry-leading national toy distributor out of New Jersey for 20 of 27 years, has reviewed thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of candidates for a variety of employment opportunities.

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At The Resume Store, we want to go beyond professional online resume writing services. Thus, we continue to post relevant blogs to provide tips and advice from seasoned experts.