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I highly recommend Arnie. He is very personable and really gets to know you. I wanted to do a career change from law to business and he made it happen. Before meeting Arnie, I rarely received any responses nor calls with my resume. But with his help, I had many options. With an amazing cover letter and resume I was able to get the job I wanted, in corporate business. Thank you Arnie!!!

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The staff and associates at the Resume Store “Never give up”

We are committed to meeting your expectations. And of that, we never give up!
We understand what captures the attention of the interviewer’s 6-second visual scans.
We are experts at branding your unique skills, accomplishments, certifications, and more, using methods that demonstrate how you will save potential employers money, increase their revenue flow,
and enhance their industry reputation.

If you were an employer, isn’t that what you would want to know about qualified candidates?
And, isn’t that what you want from your Resume Service? 

If your answer is yes,
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“You may do as well elsewhere; but, you’ll never do better”

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He is asking you to hire us; you have the right to see his resume.

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Regardless of price, the most important question to ask is the resume service’s INTERVIEW SUCCESS RATE.
Periodic satisfaction surveys confirm The Resume Store’s 85% interview success rate.

Your Resume is Your REAL FIRST IMPRESSION.  Make it Count!

The RESUME STORE has been serving the Greater Tampa Bay, Florida and southern New Jersey areas for 26 years.
We were in business as Sherr Enterprises since 1995,
as The Resume Store since 2009.

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Arnie’s New Book

A Review Of The Get A Job Manual

From Vera…
Winning guidance for getting to the next level, great book!
As the president of a small business that relies entirely on the capabilities of its employees, I deeply understand the value of an informed and enlightened employee…and the importance of securing such an employee. Arnie Sherr’s Get a Job Manual provides an insightful look at what makes a prospective employee the right choice, and how to present yourself as such. The Get a Job Manual is a must-read for anyone looking to upgrade their position or career. Highly recommend!

Proven Successful Cover Letters and Resumes

Located in Largo, Florida we offer resume services in throughout the entire Tampa Bay area. Specializing in writing proven effective cover letters and resumes, The Resume Store meets the specific needs of each of our clients. The Resume Store, its staff, resources, and associates provide exemplary services. Whether stellar cover letters and resumes, Professional Marketing Presentation folders (PMP) and brochures, networking cards and thank you notes/letters; web-folios and one-on-one coaching for interview success, The Resume Store is committed to assisting the un, under and unhappily employed pursue a career path within their chosen or related fields. We guarantee privacy and satisfaction under the same, more than 25-year-old, Guarantee of Satisfaction.

The Resume Store is closely aligned with the ever-changing employer requirements for effective cover letters and resumes as well as the newest hiring technique and criteria while staying current with evolving economic indicators.
Let The Resume Store ensure your chances of getting invited to interviews. Understanding that Presentation is Half the Sale, the manner in which cover letters and resumes are written is extremely important in obtaining interviews, and we have the expertise and professional resources to make your resume professional, succinct, and interview-intensive. Contact The Resume Store today at 727-219-0177 on in New Jersey at 609-592-0990, to set-up your CONTACT FREE telephone consultation now, or browse the website for more information about our products and services.

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