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The resumes created are top-notch! I submitted my resume to five different companies and landed an interview with each one. It was great to have the ability to choose between multiple companies. Thank you Arnie for providing such great service!

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Is a great intelligent man. He knows resumes, very knowledgeable in laying out the information, detailed oriented. I would definitely recommend him to do your next resume. 1ST IN RESUME SERVICE.

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I was searching around at the recommendation of my parents to have a professional resume made for when I’m applying to jobs in my field. While searching around, I came across Arnie and the Resume Store and made an inquiry. Arnie then gave me a call and we had an over one-hour phone call detailing my experiences, work history, education, speaking detail, and overall career goals. From there, Arnie worked diligently to create the best resume possible for me, complete with a cover letter. Furthermore, he also found me over 60 current openings in my field throughout the country. I can’t thank the Resume Store enough for what they’ve done for me. I’m honored to have worked with them, and I’m honored to give them the highest review possible.

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I highly recommend Arnies expertise. He instantly understood what I needed for my professional resume to reflect my qualifications and experience. He’s efficient, professional and pleasant to work with

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Arnie is extremely gifted in resume writing. He did an amazing job on my resume and had it complete within the time frame we discussed. He was helpful and offered to follow up with answers to my questions without hesitation. Thank-you, Arnie!

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D D.

Arnie was there with me every step of the way of the resume process. He was very attentive and knew to cater to my needs. I’d definitely recommend him and might go back to him for future reference

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Minhazul A.

Very fast turn around time. I feel much more confident about submitting my professionally made resumè!

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Matt C.

I have been applying for job after job after job and not getting any calls. I did a quick search in Google and found Arnie and The Resume Store. Arnie made quick work of updating and improving my resume. In addition to this, he was really good at giving career advice to the immediate questions that I had. I wanted to write this review and give Arnie a very heartfelt thank you for helping me land my next job.

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Mae E.

Arnie helped bring clarity to my very confusing task of writing a career change resume! He is professional, attentive, kind, and knowledgeable. I would recommend his services for any resume issue you may have. Truly worth the money for taking the stress out of writing a resume!

Kristina L.

I met Arnie and told him that I was trying to attain government employment. I had plenty of experience but just couldn’t articulate it the way I needed to. Arnie listened to me and was able to write a government resume which landed me my first government job 2 months after he completed it. Best of all he revised my resume once I started working at SSA and now I am ready to post out for another position if I want to. If I could give him 10 stars I would. If you want to land your dream job The Resume Store will have you covered.

Mr. Allen

One of the best decisions I’ve made in regards to being prepared to compete on the job market! Very educational and professional experience.

Super Dad

No cookie cutter resumes here! Arnie did a great job. The main factor that sets Arnie apart from his competition is he takes the time to get to know you and personalizes your resume to make sure you stand out from other candidates applying for the position. Arnie’s eloquent wording coupled with his outstanding writing skills attracts that attention prospective employees are looking for in the first step of the hiring process, which is reading your resume. I was in a major career rut before contacting The Resume Store. Working with Arnie put me more at ease in making the difficult decision to apply for another job after 8 years at my current one. After reading his finished product of my Cover Letter & Resume, I felt better about my career accomplishments. His words made appreciate accomplishments I felt had become mundane over the years, which in turn gave me a boost in confidence. Arnie has the way of making what you may consider a simple task seem grandiose; which to an Employer maybe just that. Working with The Resume Store is not only one of the best career investments you can make, it also will make you feel 100% better about yourself as it did me. Arnie also stays in touch via email afterward which says a lot about his and the Resume Store’s integrity. Thanks, Arnie for the awesome Resume as well as the renewed outlook on my career.

Joanmarie S.

I was expecting results as far as having a professional resume prepared for the job market, but what I actually had my expectations exceeded quite nicely. The results were great and I am quick to recommend The Resume Store to anybody looking for that edge.

Thanks Arnie!

Mauricio N.

I met with Arnie to help update and revise my resume. Not only did he do a fantastic job he did it in only a few days. Now with my improved and professional resume in hand I feel much more confident going after any job I desire. Arnie made a stressful process see less from start to finish!

Thank you to Arnie and The Resume Store.

Teresa H.

5 stars!!! Thank you, Arnie! Landed a job with my resume on the first try. Director of Facilities position. Would not of been possible without Arnie’s expertise. Highly recommend him and his team. Worth every penny! Thank you Arnie!

John U.

You could not ask for a better guy to help you get your resume on point than Arnie! He helped me with my resume and did a fantastic job. I was under a time crunch and I had to have my resume in and done at a set date and it only gave him a few days to start a ruff draft and then email back and forth with me to make changes we’re needed and have it completed in time for me to apply for the new position before the deadline and he did it all with no extra charges. Thank you so much! You definitely have a customer for life if I ever need anything changed you’re my first call!

Justin V.

I am ecstatic over how great my new resume turned out. Arnie and The Resume Store did a terrific job.
Not only did they do a terrific job, they also met with me in-person. I was skeptical about paying for resume services over the Internet.
The Resume Store’s in-person consultation made choosing The Resume Store a no brainer. I highly recommend The Resume Store to everyone.

Eve O.

I met with Arnie to help get some of my military background information transcribed onto a resume. He did an awesome job working with me to write not only a competitive but professional resume that ended up landing me the job I wanted. Thanks again!

Jordan T.

I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity for The Resume Store to provide you with a quality resume. Arnie and Brian are very professional and attentive to your needs and career goals. The process from start to finish was seamless. Weeks after my resume was completed, I requested assistance from Arnie and he took customer service to the next level. Thank you Resume Store!

Jeannine B.

The Resume Store and Arnie were instrumental in my new job success.
Arnie has honed a process to evaluate your skills, what you are seeking and how to present them in the best possible light. I can honestly say that his cover letter and resume writing skills were largely responsible for allowing me the opportunity to present my case in front of my new employer. Of course, once you are in the interview the rest is up to you; however, he has that piece covered for you as well with his book, The Get A Job Manual, in which I learned how to succeed in the interview process. I now consider the Resume Store an integral first step in my job search process.

Bri B.

Met with Arnie to initiate the process. His careful interviewing gathered the correct information needed to make a great looking resume. I had several emails and phone consults with Arnie who clearly understood my specific skill set, abilities, and direction very quickly. After a couple of drafts, it boiled down to a resume that is short and sweet, targeted, specific and well written. His involvement doesn’t end there, though. He remains available for future edits and consults. Thank you Resume Store!

Robert B.

Hi Arnie,
I’m happy to let you know I’ve accepted a position with Sheltair as an Executive Assistant and start next week!
Thank you for the excellent resume, your wisdom and your support during what was for me a stressful time..
Best Regards,


Process was seamless and handled with the utmost of professionalism. I was dreading tackling this task, but Arnie at The Resume Store lead me through the steps. He made suggestions and the resulting resume and cover letter surpassed my expectations. He updated my LinkedIn profile as well. I highly recommend The Resume Store!

Dawn S.

My resume’ helped me to get the job of my dreams. This was what I wanted to be able to accomplish with this resume’. I would recommend The Resume’ Store five stars it is.


I finally got a job and start on the 13th of this month. I will be working with another new hospice in the area doing pretty much what I was doing at the other one. I am making 78 cents less an hour but have more and better benefits. The only other downfall is I need to go to Westshore in Tampa every day until they get an opening here in Clearwater. It is okay. I have an in and they encourage you to better yourself within the company. These are good people. I started at the other hospice taking whatever I could get and then moved on there once I was in and established there. Thanks for the great resume’. Hope you are doing good and helping more people. In my job at hospice I will be helping people and that is what I loved about my previous job. Take care!

Gail M

5 star review! Highly recommend Arnie and his staff! Landed a job on the first try using my new resume, a Director of Facilities position. Worth every penny. Thank you Arnie!

John U

I am very satisfied with the services of the Resume Store. Arnold Sherr was very easy to work with and the process was easy. He had many good ideas on how it should be arranged and tailored it to my needs. Arnie was open to my ideas and made changes I felt were necessary. It was a an easy process and I would recommend this service to everyone.

Lorraine S

I found writing a resume on my own was daunting and extremely frustrating since I have not completed one for 11 years.
Arnie made it a pleasant experience and created a professional creative resume.
The best part, we had a face to face meeting!
Arnie has a great personality and quickly responded to all my multiple questions.
I highly recommend Arnie for your next resume service!
I look forward to my next job adventure.
Thanks so much Arnie!

Paula D

Spent time with Arnie, he listened to my aspirations & put together an ACE Resume!
Have recieved 4 calls for interviews for the position I was looking for.

Thanks Arnie


Arnie wrote an excellent resume appropriately tailored to the specific position I am seeking, and he was able to expedite it for me. The turn-around time as great. Thanks.


The Resume Store, specifically the owner Arnold “Arnie” Sherr, is absolutely the very best. Arnie will not only prepare for you a professional resume, but he will also provide professional advice on what potential employers are looking for. Very responsive to all of my questions, and delivered as advertised! The Resume Store prices are very reasonable and absolutely worth the product that you are purchasing. I recommend The Resume Store for anyone wanting a professional resume that speaks to the potential employers you are looking at. 5 STARS!!!!

Steve H.

I am very pleased with the customer service that I have received from The Resume Store. Arnie, the CEO, has been wonderful to work with. He did an outstanding job. I am very pleased with the outcome with my resume.

Jennifer R.

Winning guidance for getting to the next level, The Get-A-Job Manual is a great book! As the president of a small business that relies entirely on the capabilities of its employees, I deeply understand the value of an informed and enlightened employee…and the importance of securing such an employee. Arnie Sherr’s Get a Job Manual provides an insightful look at what makes a prospective employee the right choice, and how to present yourself as such. The Get a Job Manual is a must-read for anyone looking to upgrade their position or career. Highly recommend!


After looking at several resume companies on the internet I picked the Resume Store. I met with Arnie to review my needs and within a few days I received the first draft. I loved the format that he provided and he was excellent in understanding the type of position I was looking for. He was so informative and easy to work with. He also provided a free copy of the book he wrote which will be invaluable in helping to prepare for “The Interview”. Thanks Arnie!

Norma J.

The Resume Store wrote a professional resume for me and I cannot wait to find the dream job I’ve been waiting for! We met with Arnie and he was very patient and knowledgeable and we can’t thank him enough for everything he did for me! Thank you again and I highly recommend The Resume Store if you need a professionally written resume, cover letter, or both. Give The Resume Store a try, you’ll be impressed!

Kara J.

Two weeks ago, after realizing that I needed a resume to pursue a career change, I called around and after doing so I decided to accept The Resume Store’s free consultation. I met with Arnie, the owner, and was very impressed with his presentation. Even so, I wanted a very good friend of mine to speak with Arnie just to support my feelings that I should trust Arnie to create my new resume. My friend agreed, so I went ahead and hired Arnie to do just that. Slightly anxious about whether or not I made the right decision, I was taken totally by surprise when I received the 1st draft. It was amazing. It was so much more than I had expected. If you need a professional resume, I highly suggest you hire Arnie at The Resume Store.

Fabian R.

Super, just outstanding! Arnie went to work on my resume after just a brief phone call, before we even meet. He studied my profession, to get a complete picture of what I do; then, put it into words I never could.
Thanks again!

Mark H.

With the ways companies are changing their of hiring their new personnel and the use of the computer to review resumes I needed professional help to write a resume and give me guidance. Arnie did exactly what I needed to bring my resume to the top. By his knowledge and professionalism my resume was perfect!


Jonathan N.

It is my pleasure to offer this recommendation for Arnie Sherr, owner of The Resume Store. My experience with Arnie, although limited, has turned in to a wonderful relationship whereas he has helped turn my thinking around in seeking my future endeavors. I met Arnie on LinkedIn as a contact and he reached out to me with his extensive knowledge and expertise during a crucial time. During our many conversations by phone and email, he clearly worked out for me a new resume format and enlightened it to show many areas I was lacking and with his inspired thoughts, suggestions and expertise. It pulled together what I felt was an awesome review of what I’ve failed to capture over time. I would recommend Arnie’s talents to anyone seeking assistance and as someone who has forward thinking in meeting your needs.

Dennis M.

Quality Specialist (Analyst), QMS

I appreciate you taking the time to build and mold my resume into exactly what I wanted. I’ve had great luck with interviews this week! Thanks again for your services.

Sara F.

Very satisfied with the professional resume from The Resume Store. Arnie catered the resume to my specific job field and provided a well written cover letter. He was very attentive in responding to any changes I made to the resume. He also went above and beyond to assist me after I was offered a position with my new employer by scanning and faxing documents to them. I highly recommend The Resume Store to my friends and colleagues.



Arnie your work is outstanding. My resume is awesome. Thank you for your time and talent.



You must have the Midas touch because of you and The Resume Store’s penmanship, my once lackluster resume is now one that I proud to put into the hands of high-level directors. I have lined-up three interviews with $55K+ positions! Now it’s up to me to close the deal. Thank you.



Arnie’s knowledge and experience was evident immediately with the first resume draft. It was great to see how Arnie was able to improve the way I presented my work experience and accomplishments. The process to edit the changes to the resume and cover letter was seamless. I would recommend Arnie to any friend who is looking to revamp their resume and improve their job search. Thank you!


Patricia C.

Thank you, I am deeply grateful for what you did for me. After looking at what you created I was ashamed of myself; your skill is impeccable. I would recommend you to anyone. The way you setup the document is extremely impressive. Again, my sincere thanks and gratitude. Your work is outstanding.



Hi Arnie. I want to thank you for the speedy attention to my resume needs. In addition, I want to let you know that I had sent it to three job postings and was contacted by two of them almost immediately. Both turned out to be actual interviews from which, I received two job offers. I accepted one and am now employed. I am amazed at how quickly your resume attracted two quality interviews and subsequent job offers. Your are the best.


Teddy P.

If you’re looking for a resume, look no further; this guy is outstanding…


Douglas P.

Thank you so much for the revised resume. It’s perfect! I am so thankful that I found you! I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. I’ve been under the weather since Saturday- Anyway, thanks again. Best of luck to you. Take care.


Maria J.

Dear Mr. Sherr:
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help with creation of my NEW resume and the time you spent talking to me while I was unemployed.

I have accepted a position with State of Florida Department of Financial Services Division of Consumer Services as an Insurance Specialist. I feel that your revised resume and words of advise helped me to secure this position. I really thought my life at age 67 was over as finding a secure, well paying position with benefits.



Working with Arnie on my CV was a seamless, collaborative, and hassle free process. He guarantees that he will stick with you until you are satisfied with the final product. I can personally attest to this. The final draft was a work of art. I cannot recommend Arnie enough. His prices are incredibly reasonable as well.


Robby B.

I wasn’t going to write a review until I had landed a new job, but my excitement is getting the best of me.

I have went back and forth for months regarding the revision of my resume until a friend who hires told me that it needs a lot of work and need to seek a professional. I initially met with Arnie to discuss my options and at the end of the meeting he fully understood what I was seeking while also giving me a ton of great advice. The next time we met, he had my professional resume ready; I cannot describe how amazed I was with his work. He is truly a master of his craft. I wish I met him and used his services months ago. I had my wife look at his work and she has renewed energy and excitement regarding my job hunt.

I recently transitioned from the military and the resume classes and services they give us come nowhere close to Arnie’s expertise, craftsmanship and knowledge in resume format and wording. I am going to email my old First Sergeant and give him Arnie’s contact information to give to others like me who will transition. Thank you Arnie!

Posted: 8/27/2015

Charles S.

I highly recommend Arnie. He is very personable and really gets to know you. I wanted to do a career change from law to business and he made it happen. Before meeting Arnie, I rarely received any responses nor calls with my resume. But with his help, I had many options. With an amazing cover letter and resume I was able to get the job I wanted, in corporate business. Thank you Arnie!!!

Posted: 7/10/2015

Elizabeth S.

Resume services
Very Excellent services. Very professional and personable. I have never had such a complete and thorough resume! Thank you so much! CWill definitely recommend to others looking for excellent resume service

Posted: 5/29/2015

Debi G.

Resume services
Excellent experience!
True professional, always absinthe for consult and redrafts.
Highly recommended!

Posted: 2/8/2015

Kelly R.

The resume store
The owner is extremely knowledgeable and a very good writer. Our personal consultation was exactly what I was looking for. He made it easy for me to find a job. I could not have done it without him. He made m

Thanks to Arni, the owner my resume is exactly what I was looking for. He is a great writer and translated my abilities onto paper perfectly. Thanks to him I am getting quick response and great feedback. I would recommend this to anyone .money well spent. This is no lie.

Posted: 11/12/2014

Dominic P.

I didn’t want to write my own, didn’t look or sound professional. When I saw the reviews, I called Arnie and he got it done within a week. I’ve applied to three jobs so far and heard back from two with an interview on one. So pleased I’m going back to Arnie with husband to get his done!
Arnie is very knowledgeable about key words and phrases to use!

Posted: 8/22/2014

Teresa E.

I had been looking for a skillful resume writer to help my two adult children put their diverse and multitude of skills into writing in order to find the perfect job for them. Arnie’s insight and artful writing has produced two beautifully and concisely written resumes and cover letters which will undoubtedly bring their best qualities to light. Writing a resume for new graduates or those with little work experience can be a challenge, but Arnie is a master at his craft and we look forward to the great results that we are certain to receive when the future employers view these resumes.

Posted: 8/8/2014

Bonita J.

I recently got off active duty in the military and Arnie did an excellent job translating my training and experiences into a format and language that employers can easily understand. Honestly, the cover letter and resume that Arnie produced far exceeded what I thought a good cover letter and resume would look like. I highly recommend Arnie’s services to anyone seeking a meaningful career.

Posted: 7/22/2014

Jian C.

After much struggle finding good work in a field i was interested in I knew my strategy had to be completely altered. I found Arnie and it was the best decision I could of made. He thoroughly researches his subject matter (your occupational history and objectives) and uses key words and phrases that truly stand out in the crowd. Along with a cover letter that is tailored not only to my past but can be utilized in other fields if i choose to change occupations, the whole experience was very rewarding. His two books he wrote that are given free of charge should be required reading for those entering or returning to the workforce

Posted: 6/27/2014

Phil K.

Arnie was fantastic. He is straightforward, honest and takes pride in his work. Arnie genuinely cares about you finding employment and understands what it takes and that shows in his resume writing abilities. Living in a more rural county of Florida you are limited for a service like Arnie’s, it was well worth the drive and I highly recommend Arnie and The Resume Store.

Posted: 5/2/2014

Chris C.

Just what I needed!
Arnie did an excellent job of updating my resume just the way I wanted. I had been using the same resume since I graduated college 10 years ago and had just moved to Florida from the Midwest and that resume just wasn’t working for me. I am happy to say that I just accepted a position that is above and beyond the position I applied for!! Thanks Arnie!

Posted: 4/17/2014


I would like to personally thank Mr. Sherr and The Resume Store for the outstanding job that they did in preparing my resume and cover letter. It put me on a path that at one time, I only dreamed about. The skills and qualifications were there and Mr. Sherr brought them out on paper.

Posted: 4/10/2014

Charles M.

The resume store was everything i wanted in a resume service. Arnie was professional and helpful with an unparalleled level of resume expertise. Wonderful work and I would definitely recommend to a friend!

Posted: 3/11/2014

Meagan P.

Thank you, thank you for all your guidance and recommendations. In the past, I never would have thought to use a professional service for my resume but unfortunately unexpected circumstances happened and I decided it was time. After meeting with Mr. Sheer I felt a sudden amount of comfort and relief. I thoroughly enjoyed conversing and looking through his portfolio. I hired him and it was one of the best decisions I have made. My resume is clean, different and unique. It’s everything I wanted plus some…and my cover letter? WOW, it should definitely catch the employers attention and that is exactly what I asked for. I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life and to landing a wonderful new career! You definitely have helped and I can’t wait to see where it leads me.

Posted: 1/21/2014

Danielle A.

Dear Mr. Sherr
I wanted to thank you for the all time you spent with me finding all the pertinent information you needed to write such a wonderful resume and cover letter. I look forward to our interview coaching sessions.
Thanks Again,

Posted: 1/12/2014

Michael K.

Dear Mr Sherr

Just wanted to let you know that I have a NEW JOB.

I started at GE Capital – Retail Finance on Monday, Feb 25 as a Commercial Credit Analyst/Underwriter. I am part of the Large Deal Unit working on credit requests of up to $350,000.

I’m in training for the month of March learning a multitude of computer systems, processes and procedures. There sure is a lot to learn. And I’m certainly looking forward to absorbing as much as humanly possible.

Thanks for your support during the lesser (lean) times.

Posted: 3/6/2013


Hi Arnie,
Your resume did well! I was hired by Prudential a few weeks back and I’ve been going through the licensing and training process while I work my current job. I’ll probably be full time with them sometime next month or early January. When is a good time next week for me to give you a call? Thanks for the great work!

Posted: 11/19/2012

Thank you!! The resume you created definitely stood out. I’m not sure how many people applied, but my boss interviewed over 20 people both internal and external. Your resume got me the interview and I did the rest. Thanks so much.

SLJ Tampa FL

Posted: 9/18/2012

Steve J.

I had a resume done by Arnie Sherr. It was spot on. Every job I applied for wound up getting me an interview. Every interviewer told me how impressed they were with my resume. I had to give credit where credit is due. I tell all my friends to go to the Resume Store if they want a quality job. Anybody can get a job for $8.25 an hour but if you want big you have to go big. Go see Arnie. You won’t be disappointed.

Posted: 7/31/2012


The Resume Store and Arnie Sherr were instrumental in my new job success.
Arnie has honed a process to evaluate what your skills are, what you are seeking and how to present them in the best possible light. I can honestly say that his cover letter writing skill was largely responsible for allowing me the opportunity to present my case in front of my new employer. Of course, once you are in the interview, the rest is up to you but, he has that piece covered for you also with an exhaustive e-book on succeeding in the interview process. I now consider the Resume Store to be an integral first step in my job search process.
Tom Irimescu
February 25, 2012

Updated: 7/25/2012


Hello again, Arnie! I came to you a few months ago to have an entry-level resume created. I am happy to inform you that I have been a Legal Assistant for almost three months now and I can’t thank you enough for the incredible resume you created for me. My new resume worked faster than I ever dreamed possible. I am still in search of my way in to the Intelligence field, and am going to begin applying for entry-level Intelligence positions again soon.

I appreciate the thoughtfulness and care that you put into making my resume personal and professional. Not to mention how quickly you had it in my inbox. Thanks again!

Updated: 7/25/2012


Resume Experience
It is my pleasure to offer this recommendation for Arnold Sherr. My experience with Arnie although limited has turned in to a wonderful relationship whereas he has helped turn my thinking around in seeking my future endeavors. I met Arnie on Linked In as a contact and he reached out to me with his extensive knowledge and expertise during a crucial time. During our many conversations by phone and email, he clearly worked out for me a new resume format and enlightened it to show many areas I was lacking and with his inspired thoughts, suggestions and expertise pulled together what I felt was an awesome review of what I’ve failed to capture over time. I would recommend Arnie’s talents to anyone seeking assistance and someone who has forward thinking in meeting your needs.

Updated: 10/6/2012


Arnie has been there with me every step of my job search. From making the first resume, to interview counseling, making changes to my resume, and brainstorming. I like the fact that he not only does a great job with resumes, he really cares too. Thanks, Ms. Good Clearwater,FL

Posted: 7/26/2010


Arnie Sherr
I met Arnie on LinkedIn through a thread discussion and it has become a friendship via phone and e-mail. He has since rewritten my resume and cover letter and don an excellent job. Arnie has an exemplary work ethic and will always offer constructive advice and suggestions. He is extremely loyal, intelligent and trust-worthy and his judgment is excellent. Arnie has many unique observations and perspectives on job-searching and has written many articles. I would highly and strongly recommend Arnie for help on your resume and cover letter and for career coaching. He will deliver fine results.

Updated: 10/31/2013


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