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The power of an excellent cover letter cannot be denied. Today, most companies are looking for talented, committed, and creative individuals who can help achieve impressive business growth and pave the way for future success. If you cannot showcase your diligence, most recruiters and managers won’t take you seriously.

A well-researched, well-written, engaging, and expertly structured cover letter can maximize your chances of landing a job interview. If, however, you fail to check off all the boxes, you’ll end up doing more harm than good.

At The Resume Store, we take our work seriously. In business since 2009, we have over 13 years of experience in crafting professional cover letters, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles. Let’s take a closer look at why you should trust our experts with your upcoming cover letter.

Meticulous Research

If you’re applying for a job, you must demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the company’s philosophy, mission statement, brand identity, and unique selling points (USPs). You must understand the kind of candidates they’re looking for, the qualities and skills they value in professionals, and the direction they’re heading in.

Many candidates run a superficial search of the respective companies they’re applying to. Needless to say, they end up writing poorly researched cover letters.

At The Resume Store, we hand each project over to a team of industry-specific cover letter writers. Since they already have a mastery in the specific industry, they understand what most businesses are looking for.

They run a comprehensive search of the specific business. They also spend a sufficient amount of time understanding the job seeker’s strengths. Combining these two facets, our writers craft a cover letter that proves to the company that you’re: a) qualified for the role, b) capable of leading their team to success, and c) well-versed in their operations, company culture, and goals.

Building Interest

No matter how well-researched a cover letter may be, it will fall flat if it’s boring. Our writers have a knack for writing engaging, professional, and attention-grabbing cover letters.

Recruiters and managers are compelled to continue reading. At the same time, the tone is professional. We use meticulous grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax. We also double down on strong vocabulary.

By checking off these boxes, we ensure that recruiters and managers are impressed from the get-go. As a candidate, you will be presented in the best possible light.

A Strong Conclusion

Our team highlights your strengths towards the end. We offer a quick reminder of the value you can add to the company. By writing a stellar conclusion, we ensure that recruiters and managers are reminded of your ability to steer their company in the intended direction.

Are you looking for cover letter writing services? Based in Florida, we write professional cover letters for job seekers across the nation. We also offer resume writing services, LinkedIn profile writing services, and LinkedIn optimization services.


When using The Resume Store’s professional resume cover letter writing services, candidates can expect a tailored and engaging cover letter that showcases their qualifications, skills, and understanding of the company. Our meticulous research and industry-specific writers ensure a cover letter that impresses recruiters and managers, increasing their chances of securing the desired job.

In The Resume Store’s professional resume cover letters, we highlight a candidate’s strengths by conducting thorough research on the specific industry and the company they are applying to. Our expert writers carefully craft engaging content that showcases the candidate’s qualifications and ability to contribute value to the company, leaving a lasting impression on recruiters and managers.

At The Resume Store, our writers make professional resume cover letters engaging and attention-grabbing by using their expertise to craft compelling content. We employ a professional tone, impeccable grammar, and a strong vocabulary to captivate recruiters and managers from the very beginning. Our goal is to make candidates stand out and leave a positive impact.

If you’re looking for professional cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile writers who can help you proceed to the job interview stage, give us a call today.