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The Value of The Resume Store’s well written 
Professional Resumes and Cover Letters

Why should you choose The Resume Store as your Professional Resume Source?

Certainly, our price is well within reasonable parameters. Although we don’t “Give-It-Away,” we are, in most cases, more affordable than our competition.

But, let’s not talk about price for a moment and consider the VALUE of purchasing a stellar Resume and Cover Letter from The Resume Store.

  1. The Resume Store’s founder and principle resume writer has been honing his resume writing skills for more than 20 years’.
  2. His products and services have earned The Resume Store “The Best of Clearwater Award” for the year 2016.
  3. In-house customer surveys support The Resume Store’s 85% Interview Success Rate.
  4. The Resume Store’s Resumes and Cover Letters are evolving documents, because over time, we, for a nominal fee, update, modify, and improve them as you move forward in your chosen career.
  5. The Resume Store’s Resumes and Cover letters pass the 8-10 second visual screening improving your chances of being shortlisted for a pre-screen telephone interview.
  6. The Resume Store really understands the importance of addressing the key selection criteria of the role you will play within the company’s culture.
  7. With a long history of experience in the Human Resource and Recruitment arenas, we really understand what happens behind the scenes when screening applicants for suitable roles.
  8. The Resume Store’s resumes are factually accurate, including dates of employment, education completed, job titles, and skills possessed in each role demonstrating your growth as a professional.
  9. The Resume Store’s resumes reflect who you are and your professional experiences.
  10. The Resume Store’s resumes are visually appealing; they are neat, organized, and consistent including a list of successful achievements and responsibilities and skills relevant to your career objectives.

When you consider PRICE, do not lose sight of the VALUE received for that PRICE. It is what The Resume Store is all about.

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