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Why You May Want to Get a Professionally-Written Resume

If you’re a good writer, you may question the need to pay money for professional resume writing services. Instead, you may think that internet blogs can help guide you, and you’ll manage to write something that can effectively articulate your skills and experience. Perhaps that’s true, but would you take that chance with your future?

Most job applicants opt for professionally written resumes, so you’re are competing with other professionally written resumes. In that case, yours has to be up to the mark. Professionals know what recruiters are looking for and what keywords to infuse to survive the Applicant Tracking System.

The Resume Store, is run by a professional, Arnie Sherr, who has over 28 years of experience with recruitment and resume writing. Thus, when Arnie or his team write your resume, you can be sure that they have put in the care and attention to detail to help make your document the best it can be.

With that said, let’s talk a little about what value our services can offer you.

High-Quality Work

Resume-writing is serious work, and we treat each project with the highest level of care so that you have a  well-written document that is easy to read and effectively communicates your skills and experiences.

We have also been recognized for our consistency with quality.

  • We have had an interview success rate of 85%. So, when we write your resume, you’re highly likely to be called for an interview.

  • Our company earned the 2016 and 2018 “Best of Clearwater Awards” for our dedication to excellence.

  • Our resumes and cover letters pass the 6-10 second visual screening that recruiters do to improve your chances of landing a pre-screen telephone interview.

  • We also continuously revise resumes and cover letters based on your career changes for a nominal fee.

Our Work

Well-Articulated Content

We make an effort to understand you as a professional before we put words on paper. Thus, your resume reflects who you are and your professional skills and experiences.

We identify your key skills relevant to a position and highlight them to exemplify how you can fit within the company’s culture.

All of this comes from our extensive experience in the Human Resource and Recruitment arenas. Thus, we clearly understand what goes into screening applicants for specific roles.

Of course, we also present the information in a neat format that’s easy to read so that recruiters can identify the necessary skills you possess that are relevant to the position and the company.

Our Services

Competent with Details

With professional resume writing services, you can expect us to do our due diligence regarding factual accuracy. To ensure nothing is out of place, all job titles, employment dates, education information, and skills are double-checked

Thus, The Resume Store is committed to offering you excellent value for what you pay. Even then, we price our services competitively to offer more people the opportunity to advance in their careers.  

We have been articulating professionals’ qualifications, skills, achievements, and experience in neatly organized written documents since 1995—since 2009 as The Resume Store. So, if you’re ready to get one step closer to getting called to a job interview, then learn more about our resume writing services now!