Glimmer of Hope


What is your driving force? What keeps you going? Is it meeting the bills and living paycheck to paycheck, or is it more than that? When the day is done, and you lie down to rest your physical being for the night, do life-fantasies infiltrate your thoughts, many times giving way to wonderfully exciting dreams that seem vague after you’ve awakened? You can not remember their detail, but you know they are worth re-dreaming.

Without unconscious and conscious imaginings, why is our will to go on so strong? Yet, even among the greatest of the worst, we continue to exist and strive. Who among us would continue were it not for a “Glimmer of Hope?”

Fortunately, by comparison, few become so down-trodden that hope no longer glimmers.

For me, “Glimmer of Hope” translates to achieving personal goals. At my senior age, I have not given up. For you,” Glimmer of Hope” may have different perceptions.

For those unemployed, I make this analogy. The perception of glimmer may be “the chicken crossing an out-of-the-way bridge over a road with heavy traffic has much more than a glimmer of hope of getting to the other side, whereas the same chicken crossing a busy expressway during rush hour has only a glimmer of hope of getting to the other side.”

The moral is: “Is the shortest and more treacherous route always the best?” I can hear the chicken now, “I’ll get to the other side, or I’ll die trying.”

“It is not always how quickly we get there if hazards impede the result.” – Arnie Sherr

There are no time limits on achievement, only those that are self-imposed. True, circumstances may add pressure, but remember the dangers inherent in taking shortcuts. It is like leaving the cheese out of the cheese sandwich. It’s still a sandwich but, it certainly doesn’t taste like a cheese sandwich. Shortcuts may get you A job, but is it THE job?

The longer and safer route to THE job is making sure your cover letter and resume complies with present employer requirements and that you are prepared and ready to interview in the most effective and impressive manners. Under these conditions, special attention must be given to documents, procedures, uniqueness, thoroughness, and professional approaches. Leaving stones unturned is shortcutting your potential and reduces your ability to compete.

Certainly, getting A job may pay some bills, but please, do not give up on getting THE job. There is always a “Glimmer of Hope.”  The unemployed are indeed challenged to get to the other side of the busy expressway during rush hours. Investing in and taking the longer route improves your odds of a successful cross-over. 

As ill-advised as it is, would the chicken attempt the shorter but dangerous crossing of the busy rush hour expressway were it not for a Glimmer? Was I the chicken? I would not favor my odds!

The Resume Store is the right choice for making your Glimmer of Hope a reality. Remember,

“Your resume is your real first impression. Make it Count!”