Do to popular demand, The Resume Store is expanding its stellar Resume Writing Services to major cities on the East Coast;
Cities like Atlantic City and Atlantic County, Manhattan, Philadelphia, and Boston, that have demonstrated the need for the exemplary services of
The Resume Store in order to acquire the quality of resumes that more than meet the under, and unemployed career seeking expectations.

Our clients, more than 8000, have achieved an average 85% interview success rate.
A predominant majority have received multiple offers of employment within 3-months.

Build Up your Resume in Atlantic City, New Jersey

How strong will your resume be, if you made the same prudent decision

The fact is, many see the job hunt as a universally dreaded process. After hours of searching through job boards, the frustrating absence of responses, and the uncomfortable task of selling yourself, you might be tempted to give up on your dream career. Thankfully, New Jersey now has access to one of the Nation’s best resume assistance services available. The Resume Store will pinpoint your strengths and organize them into a stellar resume that attracts the attention of targeted hiring authorities.

At The Resume Store, we identify and highlight your unique qualifications and amplify them in a concise way to catch the attention of job creators in your industry. With more than 22-years of experience, it’s no surprise that we have achieved an 85% interview success rate among our clients within the Atlantic City, NJ area.

Our resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile writing services significantly increase your chances of being invited to interview with quality companies. We’re not just blowing smoke – during our in-person, Skype, or FaceTime consultations, our resume experts will embed within your resume the reasons why you should be hired; the solutions you will provide, the accomplishments you will achieve, and the savings onboarding you will yield. Read: Why Should We Hire You? We’ll make sure they align with the benefits and solution that employers seek in qualified candidates.

Some of the industries and types of candidates we work with include:

      • Executive
      • Technical
      • Case managers
      • Entry level positions
      • Nursing & Healthcare
      • Military transitioning to civilian life
      • Federal Government, and more.

We’ve written cover letters, resumes, and LinkedIn Profiles for applicants in over 300 industries in the Atlantic City, NJ area. Even if you’re a pro in a different line of work, we can pool from our resume resources to craft a unique resume based on your skills.

LinkedIn Profile

For our clients that did not have LinkedIn Profiles; we emphasized its importance in today’s highly technical and Internet based employer application processes.

Over the next 10 to 15-years, or so; employers seeking professionals and executives will no longer ask for resumes; instead, they will ask for your LinkedIn Profile web address.

The benefits of having a LinkedIn Profile are many. You may connect with colleagues and other professionals. You may post White Papers, videos, essays, and other items that increase your potential value to the many employers that may seek out your profile for their employment needs.

To see an example, visit CLICK HERE

Get Help from The Resume Store Today!

See for yourself what makes The Resume Store one of the best resume services in the New Jersey area. We’ll consult with you by phone to review your work experience, accomplishments, skills and credentials to craft a stunning resume that catches the attention of that dream job you’ve been craving.

Call us today 609-592-0990; email us, or use our CONTACT US page in which, you may upload your current resume for us to review.

-Food for Thought- You’re not competing against other home-made resumes;
you’re competing against other professionally written resumes.
“Only 1% of job seekers submit professionally written resumes;
it’s the 1% with whom you must compete.”

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