“According to USA Today, 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August. And the national quit rate
increased to 2.9% of the workforce, the highest percentage ever reported by the BLS. To put August’s
numbers in perspective, the number of workers who quit their jobs rose by 242,000 from July — and by
around 1.3 million since August 2020; a total of 3 million quits.”

Furthermore, experts stress that people are leaving their jobs as workers demand higher pay, better
conditions and support in their daily lives. The reasons for the heightened quit rate are child care, a living
wage, hazard pay, paid sick leave, and healthcare shortages.” All indications dictate that the job market is
now a buyer’s market. The job seeker is the buyer, and employers are the seller.

Just look around; many employers are offering hiring bonuses. Some, like Amazon, are offering up to
$3000. In reality, now is the time to put out feelers. The competition is struggling to fill positions similar
to or the same as yours; and for more money.

Moreover, you can write your own ticket. To do that, you must have a strong resume and cover letter. In
today’s Covid environment and the use of Applicant Tracking Systems, getting the opportunity to
negotiate higher compensation, better working conditions, and benefits, having a well-written, keyword
enriched resume and cover letter is essential. ZipRecruiter says, “there are now about 50% more job
openings contributing to the quit rate.”

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