Since the 2008 economic crisis, the volume of incoming resumes to employers has been so
overwhelming that most companies, 70 to 80 percent, utilize Applicant Tracking System (ATS) scanners
to manage the strong deluge of resumes received. However, before humans read resumes, they must get
past these Applicant Tracking System (ATS) scanners. The function of such scanners is to recognize
“keywords and qualifications.” The system is not arbitrary; it is programmed to identify keywords and
qualifications corresponding to their job postings. We at The Resume Store are experts at Keyword
Enrichment. Even so, writing resumes with what we feel include about 70 or 80 percent of probable
keywords is still not a guarantee. Factually, probable keywords and qualifications are, for the most part,
found in employers’ job postings.

That said, The Resume Store, in its effort to increase our customer’s interview success rate, will modify
our resumes to include the keywords and qualifications of individual job postings sent to us after we
have sent “completed documents” for a modest fee. We call that “Posting Specific Keyword
Enrichment.” However, like all homemade and, to a much lesser degree, professionally written resumes,
this process is not a guarantee.

By Arnie Sherr, PRW
October 26, 2021

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