Why do you need a new or updated Resume?
Arnie Sherr, The Resume Store

Is it because you are unhappy with your present job? Feel you are underpaid; were passed up for a promotion; can’t get along with your boss or immediate supervisor?

There are many reasons for which, a person feels they want to explore having a new resumé written and from whom they may trust with this very important task. In today’s employment environment, resumés and LinkedIn profiles have become the most important tools for attracting quality interviews. Without a well-written resumé and if you choose, a compelling LinkedIn profile, your chances of fulfilling your employment goals are severely reduced.

STICKER SHOCK: This is the world in which we live today. Like it or not, investing in a quality resumé is among the most important investments with which, a career-minded individual is faced.

Another STICKER SHOCK: Resumés are not free! Prices I’ve seen on the Internet range from $79, from so called resumé mill-houses, to more than $1400 from resumé companies like The Ladders that service only high-income clients. So therefore, what is reasonable when it comes to pricing? The question of price in this business does not necessarily relate to quality.

And yes, another STICKER SHOCK: When selecting a resumé writer, the price charged is not a measure of their resumé writing skills. Because of this fact, I understand the quandary for which many, shopping for quality resumé writers, must experience.

“GOD BLESS CUSTOMER REVIEWS” What would on-line businesses do without them? How would consumers measure and minimize the risks of doing business with on-line companies? After all, few resumé companies have the reputation of a Hewlet Packard, Verizon, Mercedes, etc. Resumé Services are small businesses, many operated from home offices. Without reviews, BBB reports, and friend or relative referrals, you would be shopping with blinders, hoping and praying for a good outcome.

Resumé shoppers who are unable to realize the importance of resumés and their potential value, may feel $100 is; I’m not paying $100 per a simple resumé, are they crazy? I’d like them to think in these terms instead…

How much money do I want to earn? How can a well-written resumé present me as not merely qualified for the job; but also, for the salary being offered? If an experienced and well-qualified resumé writing professional can build a resumé that effectively illustrates my professional value; well, how much would anyone pay for that? Is $100 too much to land a job paying $30,000 annually. Is $200 too much for a resumé that puts you in front of interviewers for jobs paying more than $30,000. In reality, there are a lot of job seekers with specialized industry experience that qualify for unlimited incomes; that is, income levels that relate to their invaluable abilities to help their employers meet and exceed their goals and objectives for growth and prosperity. Would you pay $1400 for a resumé that placed you in competition for jobs paying $100,000 plus annually?

YES, price is important; you have to be able to afford the fee requested! That said, when choosing a resumé service, you should be confident they will deliver the kinds of resumés to which I alluded in the previous paragraph: “Resumés and Cover Letters that properly illustrate your experience and value to a potential employer.” This is what we do at The Resume Store, and believe it or not we do it for the most reasonable fees in the Tampa Bay, FL area. CLICK HERE to read our excellent reviews.    

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