When and how are they to be used!

From my experience, most think keywords are “Multi-Tasking, Organized, Interpersonal Skills, Team Player, etc.” Some may be if they are used in job postings; but, most of the words and phrases to be used are infused throughout job postings. Things like “5-years of experience, business solutions,” Help Desk, Document Processing, Customer Support, Assessment, Triage and Research, Documentation, etc. are appropriate keywords to be used for an IT Help Desk position.

What passes before my eyes from do-it-yourself resume attempts, is a list positioned right under the Summary section in which, a group of overused and commonplace keywords is listed; most, having little or nothing to do with the job title in question.

**Experts tell us that most employers use ATS (Applicant Tracking System) scanners that are pre-programmed to recognize certain keywords and phrases. They also suggest that applicants should write a new resume for each job posting because the keywords that are chosen by employers to be pre-programmed are found within the job posting. Certainly, for applicants with megabucks, having their professional resume writer create a new resume for every job posting they find appealing is possible. For the average job seeker, making such a large investment may be a severe challenge. Some of the job seekers that call “The Resume Store” find our prices challenging even though we are considered very reasonable. Most of our customers find our prices fair and equitable; however, if I was to tell them they must invest more (half of our regular price) for each additional resume, they would probably think we are trying to hustle them into spending more than is necessary and go somewhere else.

Actually, the **experts are correct. The reality is, job seekers should have a separate resume for each posting. That said, when The Resume Store writers write resumes, they are for the most part not written for a particular job posting. My customers seldom approach us with a job posting in-hand

Considering this, the advice as stated by the “experts” only applies in a general sense. Although keywords and buzz phrases are still important, finding them in selected job postings is an option. However, it is only an option if our customers ask us to write their new resumes for a particular job posting.

The reality is, when The Resume Store’s writers research targeted job titles, they must select and use keywords and buzz phrases from a series of job postings that apply to the job titles in question. Our challenge, which has been extremely successful, is to populate resumes with an appropriate number of keywords and buzz phrases selected from a cross-section of job postings and descriptions.
Our customers have achieved an 85% interview success rate partly because we create documents that pass ATS Scanner searches. As unfair as it is that ATS Scanner systems are used, the facts are that if your resume does not meet ATS requirements it will be “file-thirteened.”

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