Resume Millhouses that charge ridiculously low fees for what can only be, inferior products.
By Arnie Sherr 

I don’t want to be crude; but, where the H_ _ L is your common sense? Have you ever heard the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?” 

I realize that many cannot afford fees that range from $200 and up for resumes; that said, wasting $79 for what can’t be anything other than garbage is a worse choice. Buying millhouse resumes are a waste of your hard earned or saved money because they will not get the results you need to acquire great employment options.

Look, even the worst of, what are probably self-written, resumes may attract and interview or two. That may happen because among their responses they did not receive any really good professionally written resume leaving them to choose from a series of inferior documents. It does happen. But, is that what you want, especially after paying any amount of money? I hope not!

I am telling you right now, CLEARWATER RESUMES – Suite 161, Clearwater, Florida 33765, writes to their home page, “Personal Service – “Live” Phone Conversation with me (saves you time!) So EASY for you! We will just talk on the phone. I will do 100% of the writing. I will spend under 45 minutes with you on the phone working on your resume. You will have your resume in your hands the SAME DAY for just $49.95 to $99.95 for a Complete Package.

Are you serious? I have been writing resume for more than 20 years’, and I am telling you a quality resume cannot be well-written in an hour, especially when including a phone consultation. Truthfully, this man is making about $10 to $15 an hour. I assume the resume you seek will get job offers well in excess of $10 to $15 an hour.

Would you trust a doctor whose entire fee, no health insurance, for a one-hour office visit was $20? The why would you trust Clearwater Resumes or, for that matter, Paragon Resumes who offers resumes for $79.

By the way, both Clearwater Resumes and Paragon Resume do not think it is important to publish their addresses. Any webmaster will tell you that publishing your companies’ address builds credibility. So then, why won’t Paragon and Clearwater Resumes (Checkout Clearwater Resumes’ address above; seriously, Suite 161?) publish their addresses to their websites? Have they something to hide? Or, just maybe, they don’t want to be found when their disappointed customers try to get a refund. Look them up; check for yourselves!

The Resume Store has been in business since 2009 (Sherr enterprises prior to that). Over that period w have been getting our customer terrific results; because, we take the time to research, compile information, and integrate the information we derive from in-person consultations resulting in carefully prepared and thoughtful end-results. Read our reviews; that aren’t a bunch of self-written one-liners. Many of our customers have written as many as one or two paragraphs, raving about our products and the results they’ve enjoyed. The amount of one-line reviews we’ve received you can count on maybe three fingers.

’ll tell now, there are many legitimate resume services out there. The cheapo millhouse resume services cannot provide quality, because unless they do volume they can’t make any money. At $49, $79 or even $99, the can’t afford to invest the time it takes to deliver quality products.

You don’t top quality a Wal-Mart; you do at Nordstrom’s! There are many Nordstrom quality resume services out there like The Resume Store; make the investment in quality products; your results will more than justify your choices.

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