The ultimate joy of exhilaration

In the past I’ve written of passion, motivation, and inspiration and I’ve spun them in so many different ways attempting to encourage everyone to follow their dreams. I believe, wholeheartedly, those who follow their dreams (the biggest of) achieve greatness; personal, professional, and financial. And, for those who pursue dreams, happiness is more intense and inspiring; and so it is to all whom cross dream-achiever paths. Perhaps had I followed mine then as I am doing now the view from which I write would be so much more panoramic.

Have you ever experienced the tingle of goose bumps? A chill of sorts, they are generally caused by something uniquely stimulating; witnessing expressions of love and adoration; the thrill of immense challenge; the feeling of free falling with a bungee around one’s being or the air that distorts one’s face during the weightless free fall of a sky dive. Would these cause your skin to goose-up? Most assuredly they would mine! However, goose bumps are people specific; different cause for different applause. A bit of a stretch, but how great would it feel to get goose bumps with every passing workday? To wake each day anxious to face and conquer the day’s challenges; ergo, to experience the elation that accompanies achievement at all levels. Is it not true that this remarkable sensation comes from the roughest to the gentlest of truth?

“Apprehension of that which lies ahead produces anxiety and ultimate defeat, whereas passion is the
catharsis that empowers limitless expectations and achievement.” Arnie Sherr

When giving into dreams, whatever devils we gave home to are to be discarded; however, the appearance of devils advocate will be as if a magician’s magic brought them from out of the “woodwork.” Not surprising, these self-appointed devils advocates are wives and husbands, mothers and dads, friends, relatives and peers whose own fears predict failure for you. Do you succumb or do you push forward further inspired to prove them wrong? I would hope the latter! Where would Donald Trump be today if he believed for one minute he could succeed his father? “Success is limited only from limits that emanate from within.” Would you jump off the proverbial bridge? If you would, I suggest you stay away from evil doers and tactfully discard the alerts of devils advocates. Moreover, their intentions being well meant are fueled by inaccurate perception. Whatever happened to “you go girl/guy?”

These are disastrous economic times and for those who are out-of-work, out-of-dough, and out-of-hope, I implore you to dig deep; reach all the way back to the dreams you discarded early-on as impractical, undoable, impossible, or otherwise and give rebirth to the faith owned by all; to believe. How many times have you heard others who seem to have earned success say, “If I can do it, anyone can do it?” The only thing separating the fearful from doers is perception. There is no middle ground and the best incentive for doing anything is embracing the passion held for the dream. True, many times we must do things that fall short of desirable because…

“The road to the top if worth its reward shall be littered with potholes, detours, and obstacles making the prize when won sweeter to be sure” Arnie Sherr

Would a confident parachutist discard the parachute’s ripcord believing him or herself to be invincible; to that I say, “When on the trek to the top of the summit, it is wise to bring a spare as potholes occasionally flatten tires.” – Arnie Sherr

Life can mean goose bumps for all; if only dreams are followed – the more grandiose the better.
“Limits do in fact; diminish the size of the prize.” Arnie Sherr

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