Editorial by Arnie Sherr, CEO of The Resume Store

How often have you heard this bit of wisdom, “You only get one chance to make a first impression?”

Article after article has been written about the importance of first impressions in the interview process. However, the interview is not your “first chance” to make that most important “first impression.”

How about considering the fact that the first thing an HR professional sees is your Resume and Cover Letter. What kind of first impression is your Resume and Cover Letter making?

Someone once asked me, “Why should I have to pay you for services just because I can’t do it myself?”

If you had a painfully abscessed tooth, would you pay a dentist for his expert services to remove your tooth, or would you get a plier from your toolkit and pull it yourself?

The fact is, so many un, under, and unhappily employed persons struggle to avoid paying for the services of a professional resume service; yet, when it comes to acquiring the expert services of a dentist, they won’t hesitate to make an appointment. In reality, the pain of unemployment may be more painful than that of a toothache.

Aside from all other considerations, your Cover Letter and Resume are your FIRST IMPRESSION when looking for a job.  That’s right; three pieces of paper that could make or break whether or not you are invited to interview. How bad do you want a job? Well, you can’t have one without first being interviewed. Without and excellent Cover Letter and Resume, you may easily have blown your REAL FIRST IMPRESSION.

Ask yourself, how much would you pay for a $30, $50 or $100,000+ a year job? When it comes to making that FIRST IMPRESSION, refusing to make the initial investment in a professional Cover Letter and Resume is a huge mistake.



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